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Dr. Martinez and his staff are bilingual in English and in Spanish. He is an active member of the Hispanic American Medical Association of Louisiana.
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So What is a Mola?

Amazing artworks abound in the office, and there is a great story behind each one!
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The Story of the Molas

Molas are an art of great beauty and mysterious origin. They are the work of the Kuna women and are Panama's most famous native handicraft, originating in its beautiful archipielago of San Blas, named the San Blas Islands by the Spaniards and officially known as Kuna Yala (Territory of the Kunas).

Earliest designs represented their culture, mythology, native animals,and plants. What makes Molas so special is the mix of striking designs, brilliant hues, meticulous stitching, and the mixture of applique techniques (reverse, overlay, and inlay).
Dr. Martinez was introduced to the beautiful Molas by one of his earliest patients, the daughter of missionaries working in the San Blas Islands. He received the first Mola as a gift, but when he learned that the sale of the Molas supported the work of the Kunas, he offered to purchase any of the pieces the missionaries were able to send him. Over the next several years, he received many Molas and happily purchased each one. Today the framed Molas number several hundred pieces hanging in his collections in his office and at his home. mola